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Drink to Your Health: Medicinal Teas,
Juices, and Milks from Around the Wold  

In natural medicine, we often consider food to
be the first medicine. In many ways, a book
about what you drink is a book about first
foods. Babies feed from a bottle. Many people
start their day with a steaming beverage or
bowl of cereal. People often reach for a cup of
tea or bowl of soup when they have the flu.
Written from an integrative perspective
(allopathic, naturopathic, and Ayurvedic),
learn how what you drink can significantly
affect your health. Information is given about
common herbs and foods so that you can tap
into the full potential of the natural pharmacy
that already exists in your kitchen and local
grocery store.

NatureNotes: Natural Medicine for Viral
Infections  2015

This is a work primarily for healthcare
providers who are looking to expand and
incorporate natural medicines into their
repertoire of treatments for viral infections.
Included is information about herbal medicine,
homeopathy, hydrotherapy and nutrition and
how to effectively combine them for different
cases. Relevant information about
contraindications, medicine interactions and
concomitant conditions benefited is also
presented to provide a comprehensive yet
concise guide for practice. The medicines
discussed are integrated from systems around
the world (Traditional Chinese Medicine,
Ayurveda, Native American, European) and so
offers a global perspective.

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