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Drink to Your Health:
Medicinal Teas, Juices, and Milks
from Around the Wold  2017

Natural Medicine for Viral Infections  2015

How to Begin Meditating

- Natural Nutmeg magazine, Dec 2011

Emotional Cleansing

- Natural New Haven magazine, Sep 2011

Words that Heal:
Communicating with Kids

- Natural Nutmeg magazine, Aug 2011

The Healing Power of the Earth's Tears:
Therapeutic Salt Baths

- ONEderland magazine, Jun 2011

Aligning Health, Economics and
Environment in the US Farm Bill:
An Obesity Prevention Perspective

- 2010 (working paper)

Energy Medicine

- Chapter for Textbook of Alternative and
Complementary Medicine, Second Edition.  2006

Energy Medicine

- American Journal of Chinese Medicine, 2004
(As of April 2007, one of the top three most requested
articles for this publication since beginning in 1973.)

Sky Medicine

- Chicago Weekly News.  2003

Radicicol-Sensitive Peptide Binding to the
N-Terminal Portion of GRP94

- J. Biol. Chem. 2002

CD28 Interactions with Either CD80 or
CD86 Are Sufficient to Induce Allergic
Airway Inflammation in Mice

- Am. J. Respir. Cell Mol. Biol.  1999

Children and AIDS Social Issues -  
HIV-Insite Website

- Center for AIDS Prevention Studies,
Univ. of California - San Francisco.  1997  
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