Presentations are tailored to specific group interests.

Diverse audiences have benefited from these seminars ranging from community groups
to hospital staff.  Presentations at  local, national and international venues have covered
topics from arthritis to healthcare system policy.


Ayurveda: Ancient Medicine for The WIndy (Vata) Phase of Life     Stratford, CT

Ayurveda: 5,000 Year Old Medicine for Modern Times         Stratford, CT

Walk-and-Talk-with-a-Doc                                                          Bridgeport, CT

Natural Weight Loss: Mind-Body Connections                        Hartford, CT

Yoga and Meditation for Mental Wellness                                Stratford, CT

Natural Medicine for a Healthy Heart                                         Stratford, CT

En Pointe Nutrition: Dancing with Food                                     New Haven, CT

International Natural Medicine: India                                         Jodhpur, India

Introduction to Chair Yoga                                                            Stratford, CT

Natural Medicine and Yoga Perspectives on Stress                New Britain, CT

Yoga and Weight Loss                                                                  Stratford, CT

Natural Medicine and Yoga for Lupus                                        New Britain, CT

Healthy Snacks by Healthy Kids                                                 Bridgeport, CT

Keeping our Kids Well Through Meditation                               New Haven, CT

Yoga for Wellness                                                                           New Haven, CT

Natural Medicine Approaches to Lyme Disease                      Stratford, CT

Better Nutrition for Better Behavior                                              Stratford, CT

Natural Medicine on the Road                                                      Bridgeport, CT

Natural Medicine on Campus                                                       Bridgeport, CT

Natural Medicine Approaches to Preventing and Treating Diabetes in Children
                                                                                        Stratford, CT

Pay-for-Prevention Healthcare Systems: Lessons from International Models, Old and New
                                                                                        New Haven, CT

Why Vitamin D? It’s Not Just for Bone Building Anymore       Stratford, CT                

Managing the Medical Wilderness: Lessons from the Natural Resource Policy Process
                                                                                        New Haven, CT         

Courage, Character and Cookies: Natural Medicine and the Girl Scouts of America
                                                                                         Stratford, CT

Flu-Free Naturally: Using Natural Medicine to Thrive During Flu Season
                                                                                         Stratford, CT
                                                                                         New Haven, CT

Becoming a Healthy, Happy, Confident Teen: Change Your Food to Change Your Life
                                                                                         Stratford, CT                

Advocating for Social Change in Healthcare: A Minute Manager Meditation
                                                                                         New Haven, CT

When Depression Calls, Will You Answer?
Natural Medicine Approaches for Treating the Blues
               Stratford, CT

What is a Naturopathic Physician Anyway? Natural Medicine for Teens
                                                                                          Stratford, CT

Super Seniors: Natural Vitality in the Golden Years                  Trumbull, CT
                                                                                          Stratford, CT

Hahnemann Hits the Streets: Introducing Homeopathy to People
                                                                                         Stratford, CT

Tales of Weight Loss: Beyond Diet and Exercise                        Fairfield, CT
                                                                                          Stratford, CT

The Gift of Abandonment: New Life, New Love                          Bridgeport, CT
                                                                                         Norwalk, CT

Raising Exuberant Children: The Gift of ADD and ADHD        Danbury, CT

Keeping Active People Active with Natural Medicine                New Haven, CT

Yoga for Your Soul                                                                           Bridgeport, CT

Nicaragua Naturopathically: Medical Considerations from the Field        
                                                                                         Portland, OR
                                                                                         Bridgeport, CT

Naturopathic Medicine Today: Treating the Patient with Rheumatoid Arthritis
                                                                                         Stratford, CT
                                                                                         Shelton, CT
                                                                                         Beijing, China

Creating Sacred Space for Doctors, Patients and Leaders
                                                                                         Phoenix, AZ

Gettin’ Jiggy with Bone Marrow Transplantation: Music Therapy and Relaxation
Imagery in the Management of Bone Marrow Transplant Patients.
                                                                                          Bridgeport, CT

GRP94 Peptide Binding Specificity                                               Chicago, IL
                                                                                           Lake Geneva, WI

Radio Programs

Natural Medicine Today                                                                   Bridgeport, CT

Why Vitamin D? It’s Not Just for Bone Building Anymore         Bridgeport, CT
Nature Source Care
photo: FM Gulmen, children from a medical trip to India
photo: FM Gulmen, Valeriano

(a 100+ year old farmer I met on a medical trip to Nicaragua)
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