Nature Source Care

For more information, contact:

Phone: 203.895.5534

Services Provided:

These are common modalitites I use in practice to
achieve optimal health on physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual levels.

- nutritional counseling                - homeopathy

- herbal medicine                         - stress management

- Reiki                                             - hydrotherapy

- therapeutic movement               - lifestyle counseling

- cleansing programs                   - food allergy/lab testing

- supplement reviews                   - annual physical exams

- yoga/meditation instruction       - mind-body medicine

Ayurveda                                       - past-life regression

tarpana (ancestral honoring/healing ceremony)

I am also involved with:

- organizational consulting           

- curriculum development

- seminar development

- health-related publications
photo: FM Gulmen, "blaa lonid"

(Blue Lagoon in Iceland quite famous for its healing properties)