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the photos above differ by just one day...same pink tulip

when we align ourselves with natural timing ease, grace, beauty appear

nature as healer...nature as teacher

Yoga Instruction

I offer private instruction in:

- yoga
asanas (the physical practice)
- meditation (the mental practice)
pranayama (breathing techniques)
mantras (an energy practice)
- yoga philosophy (primarily based on the Yoga Sutras)

One-on-one teaching can be especially helpful in establishing
the best practice for an individual given their particular set of
needs and circumstances.

Why I teach yoga...

I came to yoga after finding that training for triathlons kept
causing injuries...I wanted something with more longevity. Like
many people, I initially started yoga as a type of physical
exercise but was quickly intrigued by the mental, emotional,
and spiritual aspects of the practice. I find that yoga is an
important component of my medical practice as a
physician as so many patients benefit from even a few minutes
of daily practice to help them overcome physical, mental, and
emotional issues. I have personally experienced both the
immediate and long term effects of steady practice...stepping
out of a yoga class feeling refreshed and renewed, having it be
a lifeline for me during the time of having a close family
member pass away, resolving deep lifelong patterns.  The many
gifts yoga has brought to my life, I am very happy to share with
others in support of their own soul's journey.

I have designed yoga/meditation sessions for a wide variety of
people...pregnant moms, ballerinas, those who have congenital
asymmetries with their bodies, people who have injured hands
or backs, people who have just been diagnosed with cancer truly is for everyone at all stages of life. My style of
teaching is integrative of many lineages - hatha, Iyengar,
restorative, vinyasa, power, and Kundalini - and also
incorporates elements of

namaste - sat nam

Dr. Gulmen
photo: Vedang Bhatt
photos: FM Gulmen - "nature's timing" series