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Natural Pharmacies and Products

There are various locations where natural supplements can be purchased
to support your health and treatment plan.

*Please note that our office does not sell any supplements on site
nor do we receive commission from sales with other organizations.*
For high-quality, organic Ayurvedic herbs and spices:

For local storefronts that offer a wide range of natural supplements and products:

Nature's Way Health Foods  
                         Elm City Market
922 Barnum Ave. Cutoff                                   777 Chapel Street
Stratford, CT 06615                                          New Haven, CT 06510
phone: 203.377.1740                                       phone: 203.624.0441
(2 blocks from our office)                                 (16 miles from our office)

The Vitamin Shoppe                                       Edge of the Woods
1260-1270 Boston Post Road                         379 Whalley Ave
Milford, CT 06460                                             New Haven, CT 06511
phone: 203.882.9231                                       phone: 203.787.1055
(8 miles from our office)                                   (16 miles from our office)
other locations nationwide

Whole Foods Market                                       Thyme and Season
Fairfield store (9 miles from office)                   3040 Whitney Ave
Milford store (12 miles from office)                   Hamden, CT 06518
other locations nationwide                                phone: 203.407.8128
                                                                        (21 miles from our office)

For wholesale, online purchasing of herbs, spices, and other natural products:
a healing ritual of afternoon tea...

choose a beautiful cup
notice the fine color and texture of the tea leaves
slowly, gently pour in the warm water
watch the magic as the water transforms color
take a sip
notice every nuance of flavor
drink in beauty...peace...balance...flow
feel the support of all the elements
the earth that created your cup
the water that nourished the plant
the fire of the sun growing the plant
the wind gently blowing the leaves
the space it creates in your mind, heart, spirit
and offer a bit of gratitude

photo: FM Gulmen - "tea cup"
photo: FM Gulmen, "wild strawberry"