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Why yoga?

My practice began mostly out of curiosity regarding the physical practice of
yoga. I had been training for triathlons and realized my natural
biomechanics were going to cause injuires over time so looked for an
activity with more longevity. I continued, however, mostly because of the
mental, emotional, and spiritual effects of yoga. It has become a way of life
and guiding force for me since then.

With over 15 years of experience teaching, my practice is eclectic drawing
from yoga traditions such as
hatha, vinyasa, power, Iyengar, and Kundalini,
while also incorporating my training in naturopathic medicine,
Ayurveda, and
Jyotish. My own daily practice is long and deep offering personal insights
into the yoga experience.

I have been fortunate to teach yoga to many people over the years and see
how it supports children in learning how to self-soothe, women in becoming
mothers, people with injuries recovering their physical health, others with
cancer maintaining their center through a challenging emotional process.

At it's best yoga is a deep, authentic vehicle of transformation for the body,
mind, heart and spirit...this is the yoga I aspire to teach.

Namaste - Sat Nam
Dr. Gulmen
About private/group/corporate yoga classes...

Beginners and advanced students alike are welcome and offered
something to advance their practice. Classes include both the outer and
inner practices of yoga - physical postures (
hatha), breathing practice
pranayama), mantras, meditation, and philosophy.

Please bring your own yoga mat and bath towel to class. Wear comfortable
clothing you can move easily in. Only water in closed containers, no other
foods/liquids. It is recommended to only eat light foods 1-2 hours before
class. Please refrain from using heavy scents.

For more information:
photo: FM Gulmen, "restoring wholeness"